01. estimation quoting

Our estimating team are ready and waiting to receive your enquiry. Regardless of fax, email, post or call we would get back to you within 24hrs.

Female accountant sitting at table with laptop, papers, coffee cup and glasses, holding ballpoint pen and using calculator

02. Site Surveying

A foremost important part of any kitchen re-fit is to have an accurate initial measurement before manufacture begins. Cheong provides professional site survey using laser technology & precision measures taken by Cheong’s experienced site surveyors.

Interior designer working with young couple. Lovely family and professional designer or architector discussing conept of future interior, working with colour palette, room drawings in modern office.

03. Consultation & Planning

We provide consultation & planning as to ensure that there are several choice options to create the most ideal & efficient kitchen for our client. We understand what is required in your professional kitchen and being in this industry for decades and counting, we can ensure that our expertise will help you create a kitchen concept that maximize both ergonomic & workflow effectiveness & efficiency.

Working in team: young businesspeople discussing business plans and ideas, analyzing graphics and diagrams on paper. Man holding pen, pointing at tablet pc screen, explaining project strategy

04. Design & Drawing Services

On confirmation of the order, our experience kitchen designers will produce and submit all comprehensive CAD fabrication & layout drawings for your approval prior to manufacture.


05. Delivery & Site Installation

Our team of experienced installer is able to undertake the installation of your stainless steel kitchen if required. Our team are fully trained in installation, testing, commissioning and would solely be installed by Cheong’s employees only. No outside contractors would be involved as to prevent unnecessary mishandling.

Young Vietnamese technician installing extractor hood in kitchen

06. Electrical & Plumbing Final Connection

Our experienced kitchen designer would provide the electrical (M&E) and plumbing services drawings as to coordinate with our experienced electrician & plumber to ensure quality and assurance in both products & connection of products.

Solution. Top view of man plumber in overalls holding ball valve in hand lying on floor near open set of tools in kitchen fixing breakdown of sink

07. After-Sales Service & Repair

Our team of trained & skilled technician is able to provide servicing & repair of equipment should there be any electrical, mechanical or plumbing fault. We provide speedy and responsive servicing & repair as to ensure your kitchen get up and running as soon as possible.